13th International Kansk Video festival (2014)




FESTIVAL DATE - 23th - 30th August 2014





Dear friends and colleagues,


the 13th International Kansk Video festival announces its new edition and invites filmmakers, video artists, producers and distributors to submit the latest films and videos. The international competition focuses on innovative, experimental and independent shorts produced after 1st of January 2013. This website is under construction please visit and join our Facebook page


ENTRY FORM is available here 


you can make your submission here







1. Professional filmmakers or video artists can submit to the Festival, as well as amateurs.


2. Festival entry is free.


3. Only digital productions are accepted - short films or video art projects. Maximum running time of submissions should last no longer than 30 minutes. Film copies aren’t accepted!


4. Russian films participate in the International competition without any special conditions.


5. One author can submit to the Festival any number of works.


6. Each film can be entered to one of five nominations.


7. Festival nominations: Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Video art.


8. The Festival accepts films and videos produced after the 1st of January 2014 only.


9. Deadline for entries - May 10, 2014.


10. If original language of your entry is neither Russian nor English, film should be subtitled in one of those two languages or an English dialogue list must be attached.


11. All entries will be shown to the Selection Committee.


12. The Selection Committee has the right not to inform about criteria of selection or non-selection to the competition programme and special screenings.


13. All submissions selected to the competition programme will be showed to the Jury. Non-selected entries can be shown in the framework of the festival special screenings.


14. Festival awards:

15. The list of selected films will appear on our web-site after 1st of July, 2014.


16. Authors of the selected films are invited to participate in the festival. We cover transportation and hotel expenses for all period of the festival. Author is obliged to be present at his film`s screening.


17. Award winners will be announced on the web-site on 30th of August, 2014, after closing ceremony of the Festival.


18. Authors of films selected to special screenings can participate in the Festival by their own expenses only.


19. Grand Prix Winner 2014 will be invited to the Festival Jury 2015.


 If you have any further questions please contact us videodom (at) gmail.com